Jan 25
Bid ended

2023-025 RFP (TERM) 10C- Terminal Building Curtainwall System #14836

Mobile, AL (G-NR-E)


Bidding Closed

Prebid Date1/18/24 10:00am

Bid Date1/25/24 2:00pm

Company & Contacts

Mobile Airport Authority
Rita Barren  
(251) 438-7334

Sealed bids will be received by the Mobile Airport Authority at 1891 9ᵗʰ Street, Mobile, AL 36615, until 2:00PM local time, January 25, 2024, for the furnishing of all labor and materials and performing all work for constructing the following contract:

Project No. FSB2021-531-01 BP#10C
Bid Package #10C – Terminal Building Curtainwall System at Mobile International Airport
|Mobile, Alabama

At the specified time, all bids will be publicly opened and read aloud and then evaluated in a private setting. Upon selection, the CMAR will notify each bidder with the results of the selection.

A pre-bid meeting will be held at Thursday, 01/18/2024 @ 10:00 AM local time at JESCO, Inc. Field Office, 2211 Michigan Ave., Mobile, AL 36615 for the purpose of briefing prospective bidders, MBE's, and DBE’s about this project. All prospective bidders are urged to attend.

Major items of work include Bid Package #10C – Terminal Building Curtainwall System at the Mobile International Airport.

Liquidated Damages for this project shall be 6% annum of original contract per Calendar Day.

A Minority Business Enterprise and Disadvantage Business Enterprise (MBE & DBE) goal of 12.84% has been established for this project. The Owner’s award of this contract is conditioned upon Bidder or Offeror satisfying the good faith effort requirements of 49 CFR §26.53. As a condition of bid responsiveness, the Bidder or Offeror must submit the following information with their proposal on the forms provided herein:

  1. The names and addresses of Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) and Disadvantage Business Enterprise (DBE) firms that will participate in the contract.

  2. A description of the work that each MBE and DBE firm will perform.

  3. The dollar amount of the participation of each MBE and DBE firm listed under (1)

  4. Written statement from Bidder or Offeror that attests their commitment to use the MBE and DBE firm(s) listed under item (1) to meet the Owner’s project goal.

  5. If Bidder or Offeror cannot meet the advertised project MBE and DBE goals; evidence of good faith efforts undertaken by the Bidder or Offeror as described in appendix A to 49 CFR Part 26. Per 49 CFR Part 26.53(b)(3), the Bidder may submit evidence of a good faith effort within five (5) days after the bid opening.

  6. Written confirmation from each listed MBE and DBE firms that is participating in the contract in the kind and amount of work provided in the prime contractor’s commitment.

Plans and specifications may be inspected at no charge online at https://www.mobileairportauthority.com/downtown/rfp/.

All prospective bidders MUST notify the CMAR of their intention to bid on the project a minimum of 72 hours before the time specified for receiving of bids. Bids must be submitted on the forms included within the contract documents and specifications. Bids shall include all pages included in Division I – Bid Documents. All bid packages should include two (2) complete sets of the bid documents. Submission of the entire contract book is not required.

Guarantee of Bid IS NOT required.

No bids will be considered unless the bidder, whether resident or non-resident of Alabama, is properly qualified with the State of Alabama. In addition, non-residents of the State, if a corporation, shall show evidence of having qualified with the Secretary of State to do business in Alabama.

No contract will be awarded unless the contractor holds a current and appropriate license from the State Licensing Board for General Contractors, Montgomery, Alabama.

No bid shall be withdrawn for a period of 60 days subsequent to the opening of bids without the consent of the Owner.

MAA reserves the right to reject any and all proposals submitted; to select one or more responding parties; to void this RFP and the review process and/or terminate negotiations at any time; to select separate responding parties for various components of the scope of services; and to select a final party/parties from among the proposals received in response to this RFP. Additionally, any and all RFP project elements, requirements and schedules are subject to change and modification.

MAA also reserves the unqualified right to modify, suspend, or terminate at its sole discretion any and all aspects of this RFP process, to obtain further information from any and all responding parties, and to waive any defects as to form or content of the RFP or any responses by any party.

This RFP does not commit MAA to award a contract, defray any costs incurred in the preparation of a response to this RFP, or contract for any services. All submitted responses to this RFP become the property of MAA as public records. All proposals may be subject to public review, on request, unless exempted as discussed elsewhere in this RFP.

By accepting this RFP and/or submitting a proposal in response thereto, each responding party agrees for itself, its successors and assigns, to hold MAA and its agents, directors, consultants, attorneys, officers, and employees harmless from and against any and all claims and demands of whatever nature or type, which any such responding company, its representatives, agents, contractors, successors or assigns may have against any of them as a result of issuing this RFP, revising this RFP, conducting the selection process and making a final recommendation, selecting a responding party/parties or negotiating or executing an agreement incorporating the commitments of the selected responding party. By submitting responses, each responding party acknowledges having read this RFP in its entirety and agrees to all terms and conditions set out in this RFP.

Prospective bidders must obtain the plans and specifications from the CMAR in order to submit a proposal. Request for plans and specification shall be sent via email to the following email address no later than 72 hours prior to the time of receiving bids specified: jbuckner@jescoinc.net

Brian Slaughter, Project Director
JESCO, Inc. Construction
Mobile, Alabama