Mar 28
Bid ended

2023-031 ST Engineering Monument Sign #15148

Mobile, AL (G-NR)


Bidding Closed

Bid Date3/28/24 2:00pm

Company & Contacts

Mobile Airport Authority
Dylan Copeland  

Request for Quote/Pricing

RFQT No. 2023-031 ST Engineering Monument Sign


Thursday, March 28, 2024 @2:00 p.m.

Rita L. Barren, Procurement Officer EMAIL:

Within 30 Days the from Notice to Proceed.

(Project Duration is 45 consecutive business days)

Dylan Copeland

Email the required information and specifications/literature of products offered. Offerors are responsible for the timely return of this quotation. Quoted price(s) must include freight, FOB, Mobile, Alabama.

Mobile Airport Authority is to select a qualified contractor to furnish all materials, labor, supervision, transportation, inspections, permits, licenses, equipment, and any incidentals necessary to manufacture and install the monument sign at ST Engineering.

Scope of work:
To provide MAA with quotes pertaining to the manufacture and installation of ST Engineering's monument sign.

Contractor shall erect the monument in accordance with the attached specs. The sign shall be 10' in length and 12' in height. It shall have an aluminum tube frame and aluminum skin. The starburst and channel letters shall be made with aluminum backs and returns with white acrylic faces, and with translucent vinyl copy applied to the first surface. The letters and logo will be lit with LEDs. Please see Attachment A for full specifications. The existing sign must be removed and hauled off.

Contractor shall provide one Alternate price: 1. Dismantling, relocating, and reinstalling the existing sign to the location marked on Attachment B. Contractor will be given an allowance for running underground power (roughly 25 feet) and making the final electrical connections to the new sign.

Contractor shall utilize proper techniques for application and installation of all material. Contractor shall be responsible for any and all damage incurred by the contractor to MAA, Tenant, or public property. Contractor shall warranty all materials for a minimum of 1 year from the date of completion and shall provide product data of all materials installed and/or applied.

Contractor shall take all necessary precautions to ensure the safety of their employees, MAA staff, and surrounding tenants. Work can take place Monday - Friday from 7:00 am to 5:00 pm as scheduled and approved by MAA. Cleanup and removal of all equipment and debris must occur at the end of each business day.

The services being sought under this solicitation are considered to be professional in nature. The "VENDOR" will be evaluated based upon the capabilities of the respondent and will result in an award that is in the best interest of MAA. MAA reserves the right to reject any and all quotes and to cancel services at or before the time of service.

Factors to be considered in the evaluation include:

• Capability and Qualifications of the proposer to deliver the proposed services.

• Proven experience as demonstrated with recent contracts/projects for commercial businesses or local government agencies within the State of Alabama.

• Resources and Availability

• Client References and Past Performance

• Prices Proposed

Contractor is responsible for verifying any equipment needed.

Contractor is responsible for all site work involved (including site prep work for new sign and backfilling/ repairing site after the old sign is removed).

Contractor shall abide by the corporate specifications laid out by ST Engineering (for spacing, color choice, rules/regulations, etc.). For access to the full specifications, please email Dylan Copeland (